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This is your pack if, even in front of the sea, you want to dedicate all your energy to dancing

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This is your pack if you are lying in the sun, a swing song starts and you drop everything to go dancing

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On Holiday


It’s nice to dance but .. do you also want to have free time to devote to sun and tanning?

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This is the pack for all those who aim for the Essential, the bare essentials to get to the evenings anyway and try something new

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Discover all the lessons proposed, discipline by discipline


What’s about?
Lindy Hop is the most authentic form of Swing dance. It can be danced in the social on slow and fast tempos and is perfect for all ages and for all levels of physical training. Lindy Hop is a communication with the partner, through a physical connection and on the basis of musical interpretation. It developed in parallel with swing music in the atmosphere of American social dance halls of the 20s, 30s and 40s, and the social spirit remains. Swing communities are a great home, not only for fans of this dance, but also for fans of jazz and swing music, as well as all enthusiasts of the history and fashion of the Swing Era.

If you still don’t have any experience in the discipline, we suggest you take part in the lessons for absolute beginners (free) that will anticipate the concerts in the various squares:

Thursday 9 at 9PM – Lindy Hop first steps with Livio and Morena – Marciana Marina

Friday 10 at 9PM – Lindy Hop first steps with Lester and Karen – Linguella Portoferraio

Saturday 11 at 9PM – Lindy Hop first steps with Livio and Morena – Capolivieri

Sunday 12 at 9PM – Lindy Hop first steps with Davide and Valentina – Capoliveri

If you already have experience in the discipline, there are 7 Lindy Hop lessons to choose from: different themes dedicated to different levels.

Remember to read the requirements to access each lesson carefully and to “self-evaluate”.

For this discipline, registration as a couple is required.

“Jazz and Rhythm in your Lindy” with Stefano and Giulia
Friday 11 June at 10.00

Let’s make our lindy more varied and fun by playing with rhythm and jazz steps!

Participation requirements: know the most common six counts (Send out, Change Place, Tuck turn …)


“California routine” with Stefano and Giulia
Saturday 11 June at 11.15

One hour to learn some of Lindy Hop’s most famous choreography: energy, speed and explosiveness!

Requirements for participation: be familiar with Swing Out and fast rhythms


“Frankie Moves” with Davide and Valentina
Saturday 11 June at 12.30

A small Lindy Hop choreography inspired by a selection of moves that the great Frankie Manning loved to perform and teach, to the notes of his favorite songs.

Requirements for participation: good familiarity with the basics in 6 counts and 8 counts of Lindy Hop and with the fundamental figures such as Tuck Turn, Swing Out, Lindy Circle and Texas Tommy


“Dips & Tricks” with Livio and Morena
Saturday 11 June at 3.00 pm

Surprise your partner with unexpected and fun dynamics.

An hour of lesson that will allow you to enrich your social dance and the “dialogue” with your partner.

Requirements for participation: knowledge of 6 and 8-beat structures, swing out, and basics of Lindy Charleston


“Only for Leaders” with William Mauvais
Sunday 12 June at 11.15


“Only for Followers” with Maeva
Sunday 12 June at 11.15


Lindy Hop with William and Maeva
Sunday 12 June at 12.30


What’s about?

The Boogie Woogie is the name of a dance and a category of jazz music, with a particular rhythm (mostly provided by the piano) and characterized by a powerful, very lively and engaging style.
It is an evolution of Lindy Hop, it is usually danced over six beats, and uses part of the Lindy Hop footwork.

Two international couples for four unmissable hours of lessons


“Footwork Variations” with William and Alice

Let’s make our Boogie more varied and fun by playing with rhythm and jazz steps!

Participation requirements: you just need to know the boogie base


“Abuse of Triple Step” with William and Alice

Participation requirements: You have been taking a boogie course for one / two years already


“Tricky Boogie” with William and Alice

Participation requirements: You have been taking a boogie course for two / three years already


“Boogie Woogie” with William and Maeva


What’s about?

Also known as “Authentic Jazz”, “Vintage Jazz”, “Jazz Roots”, or more commonly “Charleston”. A repertoire of steps born between the 20s, 30s and 40s which then gave life to some of the most famous choreographies in the world of Swing (Shim Sham, Tranky doo, Big apple …) A great way to acquire rhythm, style and musicality. A Solo Jazz course is recommended if you like the idea of ​​being able to move freely even by yourself improvising on swing music, if you want to improve yourself as a dancer, if you also like the more choreographic aspect of dance. The course is aimed at men and women, already dancers or non-dancers, who simply want to move and have fun to the rhythm of SWING and more! A single dance that improves that of a couple and a great way to acquire RHYTHM AND STYLE!


Explore the world of Jazz with three teachers among the fantastic Italian talents.

5 different classes with the most varied style as this discipline requires.

Remember to carefully read the requirements to access each lesson and to “self-evaluate” in order to ensure that the lessons can be useful to your learning level.


“Less is more / Re-style your own jazz vocabulary” with Karen
Friday 10 June at 10.00

Have you just started dancing Solo Jazz? Are you a beginner? This may be a suitable class for you, to find out how much you can make the most of your knowledge base and feel at ease during moments of improvisation. The class can also be an opportunity for the most experienced dancers to refresh their dance and fully enjoy it.

Participation requirements: Open Level Class


“Black Bottom” with Valeria
Friday 10 June at 11.15 and 12.30

A historical routine, cheerful and explosive like Valeria, which will develop in two hours of lessons!

You choose whether to learn the whole routine by participating in the two lessons or just one part by participating only in the first of the two scheduled lessons!

Will you be good enough to learn it all? On Friday evening you can perform in the square with Valeria and your classmates!


“Switching sides” with Lester
Saturday 11 June at 10.00

Have you learned a new step? Good!

Do you know that you could also do it with the other side of the body? This is the lesson for you! You will learn to turn into one and the other, making movements to the right and then to the left, in order to make your movements more complete and become aware of them

Requirements for participation: you know the basics of Solo Jazz, you know what a Fall of the log is and you have a minimum of basic rotation technique.


“Sometimes have a break” with Karen
Sunday 12 June at 10.00

Let’s take it easy, it’s summer! This class is designed to explore the magical world of the “break”. Rest is important, not only to recharge during the dance, but also to make your moments of improvisation or performance more interesting and enriching. We will see together how and when it is necessary to take a break!

Participation requirements: Open Level Class

BALBOA EXPERIENCE with Lollo and Alice

What’s Balboa?

The Balboa is a Swing dance born in California between the 1920s and 1930s, which takes its name from the Balboa peninsula in Newport beach, where it was invented.

It is said that it was born from the need to dance in crowded ballrooms, hence the characteristic small and fast steps and the extreme physical contact between the two dancers.

It is a couple dance that is based on the complete connection between the two bodies with many weight changes, often invisible to the spectators, with minimal and synchronized steps between man and woman.

It has the characteristic of being able to be danced in a short time on all speeds and is performed in a tight embrace, rotating with elegance. However, despite the very extensive physical contact, freedom of movement is by no means limited. There are in fact two styles: the Pure Bal, danced almost completely in a closed position, and the Bal Swing, which involves variations and openings similar to Lindy Hop.


What’s meant by experience?

By “experience” we mean a 6h journey that will allow you to go home knowing the complete basics of a new discipline that will make you a more complete Swing dancer, will help you dance to different rhythms and musical styles and will make it possible for you to vary yours dance on the track.

If you insert the “BALBOA EXPERIENCE” in your cart, you will have inserted 6 hours of lessons, to which you can add other hours of other disciplines making sure that they are not simultaneously in the schedule. It is not possible to participate in this experience package for fewer hours.


You will learn the basic figures of Balboa, exploring both the closed connection of the Pure-Bal, and figures in the more open position of Bal-Swing.

This discipline, with its typical close hug connection and with its elegant and fluid movements, allows you to dance easily and effortlessly even in very fast rhythms.

Participation requirements
The course is aimed at complete beginners, or those who have only attended a few Balboa lessons.


Add style and rhythm to your “Solo” and / or your Lindy! Enter the Tap dance with lessons designed for Swing dancers who want to spice up their dance more!


“Shuffle” with Eva
Friday 10 June at 11.15

The shuffle is a very important swing movement that we will discover in several versions and that will allow you to create rhythm and improve your musicality


“Ball Change” with Eva
Saturday 11 June at 11.15

Step, stamp, flap ball change: we will play with the weight changes to feel the floor and learn to use it by playing it with your feet


“Tap Shim Sham” with Eva
Sunday 12 June at 3.00 pm

A great and essential classic of the Afro-American tradition: the Shim Sham Shimmy by tap dancers Leonard Reed and Willie Bryant


Participation requirements: The lessons are open and are intended for all those interested with or without experience in this discipline

What shoes to use? Tap shoes if in your own possession or alternatively lace-up leather shoes or sneakers with light soles (those that are used for jazz and lindy are fine)


What’s about?

Acrobatic figures to be included in the couple dance.

Fly high every day at 12.30!

An aerial for lunch and then you don’t see us hungry anymore! 😉


“Put your boldest part to the test and insert something explosive into your repertoire” with Livio and Morena
Sunday 12 June at 12.30

Lessons that will allow you to acquire both the technique underlying the acrobatic figures, and to study some of the repertoire at the same time.


Participation requirements for all aerial lessons: familiarity with couple dance.


What is our dance if we don’t know the music in the deep?

Music is the one who transports us, inspires us, speaks to us and guides us in every step and sometimes excites us!

What better opportunity than in Elba with the band Dusty Jazz Blasters and the support of our Turin friends Stefano and Giulia?

Every day at 4.00 pm, on the beach there are unmissable appointments dedicated to musicality!


“From A to jazZ” with Dusty Jazz Blasters
Friday 10 June at 4.00 pm

Swing music vocabulary. Chorus, background, riff, special, etc … We learn to recognize them and to exploit them in our dance


“Let’s play together” with Dusty Jazz Blasters
Saturday 11 June at 4.00 pm

How to make dance more interesting through dynamics and with an ear of regard to the idea of ​​arrangement in a piece of music. Indeed … what is an arrangement ?!


“Feeling the vibes” with Dusty Jazz Blasters
Sunday 13 June at 4.00 pm

For the participants of the Elba Swing Festival a collaborative playlist on Spotify where everyone can upload their own Swing of the heart song. No later than May 15th. In this class we will try to dance first on the digital version and then on the live version performed by the band of some of the songs in the playlist. Do you hear the good vibrations ?!

See the lesson timetable

Unfortunately, the hours of a weekend are not infinite and life is made up of choices! Some lessons / paths that may interest you may coincide.

Choose wisely and keep the desire for what you won’t be able to do in this edition for the next!

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Have fun creating your weekend
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